Corwin Fergus, Jungian Analyst

We are each a complex mystery. To know oneself is a never-ending impossible task. Yet at various passages, major decision points, or via afflictions, tragedies or relentless curiosity, many are called to the endeavor of self-knowledge/discovery. Embracing this imperative can often yield meaning and purpose and make the difference between a satisfying and cohesive enough life and one dominated by insufficiently examined assumptions, habits and desires resulting in unnecessary suffering.

In my practice of Jungian Analysis I help people explore within. While the outside: our histories, our relationships, the contexts of our lives – culture, place, time, etc., provide much of the material we work with, emphasis is placed upon how one metabolizes and integrates one’s experience and how one relates to one’s own nature. This work is a dialogue between patient and analyst and a dialogue with the unconscious, where the processes of learning about and appreciating self and other run parallel as we attempt to weave an essential story of a life.

I received my Diploma in Analytic Psychology from the C G Jung Institute in Zurich in 1988 and have since been in private practice as a Jungian Analyst. I work individually with adults and adolescents and do clinical supervision in person, by phone or video. My fee is $160 for a 50-minute session. I do not accept insurance.

Corwin Fergus

Corwin Fergus
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